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Supplying reliable, clean and economical energy, exporting impetus of development, progress and civilization, realizing ambitions of rendering service to nation, returning investors with profit and making employees with achievements.

Taking rendering service to nation with industry development as its responsibility, Huadian Power International keeps on developing itself, tries to create fortune with passion, sweat and wisdom, does its best and makes its proper contributions to the development of national industry, speeding up of economic development, the thriving and prosperity of nation and the great renaissance of China.

Huadian Power International actively bears its social responsibility, continuously provides high quality and economical energy source, meeting dynamic social demand.

Strictly abides by each national law and regulation of environment protection, tries to reduce environmental pollution caused by production.

Works hard to realize corporate value, keeps on exploiting value-added space. Commits itself to the long run and maximum of investor??s benefits.

Creats good environment for the development of employees, achieves the harmonious unification of employees and company, simultaneous development and harmonizing development.

Both enterprise and employees are the models of the socialist spiritual civilization construction.