Corporate spirit

Preciseness high efficiency surmounting

Preciseness is the spirit foundation of Huadian Power International. Employees are strict with themselves, strict with rules, regulations, andlaw; style steady, thoughtful in plan-making, meticulous with work, precise in carrying out of plan, finishing of their task with high quality.

High efficiency is the spirit style and features of Huadian Power International. Employees behave with thunder-like violence and wind like swiftness, quick in their work, intense and orderly, finishing their daily work quota and keeps on raising work standards, achieving high economic benefit with high work efficiency.

Surmounting is the spirit pursuit of Huadian Power International. Surmounting is to seek for quality, seek for better, and seek for excellence. Each employee seeks for new and competitive in every work. Surmounting is to try to surmount past, surmount competitors within the same industry, surmount oneself, committing in realizing the higher, further and more excellent goal. Surmounting is eternal.