Management belives

Managing people with system, Converting people with culture

By the use of scientific management system and measures, company regulates employees?? sense of work and professional behavior; pays attention to the power of corporate cultural management, filling corporate belives into the mind of every employee, makes the requirement of fulfilling of corporate culture the conscious sense and behavior habits.

Organization principle

Strategy leading structure is the cardinal principle in the establishment of organization. According to corporate strategy, company integrates relevant key elements in time and raises the effectiveness of organization.

Adopting the intergration management model with reasonable right authorizing.

Policy-making and fulfillment

Scientific policy-making. Drawing on the wisdom of masses, giving into a full to collective and personal wisdom, policy-making to be made according to procedures.

It is advocated that trail mistakes shoud not be blamed. It is encouraged that employees adopt active and responsible action initiatively on the basis of company tenet and strategic aims. Based on painstaking planning in advance, approved according to procedures, operated strictly sticking to regulations, it should also be encouraged even results are not good enough. It is strictly banned to make one more time this same kind of fault.

Management system, rules and regulations

Building up complete scientific management system and complete rules and regulations, to guarantee the unification of company strategy, policy and culture. According to company operation situation and changing of environment, it is required to keeping on improving of system, rules and regulations, to guarantee the adoptability and high efficiency of system, rules and regulations.

System is established according to principles of system, levels and programming, clarifying system of job responsibility, monitoring system, and finding out system, reflecting management thoughts of management closure and sustainable improvement, helix moving upward, adhering to the meticulous management system by which everything is responsible by relevant people, there are rules and regulations for everything, and there is evidence to be checked for everything, and there is monitoring person for everything.

Learning to use modern management measures and accelerating the improvement of management system.

Respects and linking up

All company employees should be treated fairly and equally.

To create an open work environment in which employees can be able to exchange opinions freely. Providing channels and policies, guarantee the coming true of good linking up among work units, between colleagues, and leaders and workers within company.

Development of team

There should be mutual understanding, frank and open treating with each other, respecting and appreciation among employees, and maintaining strong sense of team cooperation.

Committing to the establishment of learning organization, creating strong learning atmosphere within company. With more powerful ability of learning from others, company and its employees achieve continuous management innovation on the basis of passing on management experience accumulated during years of company development.

Committing itself to the creating of challenging and comfortable work environment for its employees, encouraging and helping employees to keep on improving themselves, and surmounting themselves.