Belives of competition

Taking leading position, achieving win-win effect through competition and cooperation

Increasing and developing core competition force is the important foundation for company in winning of competition, and achieving everlasting running.

Reducing of cost is one of the important components of company??s core competition force in a regional electrical network, continuous cost reduction is the powerful guarantee for the success of company in the course of competition, taking lead in technology and scale operation are important ways for the reduction of cost.

Multiple regional large-scale operation is the guarantee of reducing running risks, it is the very way to expand and be more powerful for company through competition, it is the material fundation for company to get a win-win effect with other same kinds of companies by competition and cooperation.

Thinking deeply and planning carefully, trying to find other ways, catching hold of opportunities, taking action in advance, keeping ahead over others, making company keep on developing and strengthening its core competition force.

Successes originates from accumulation. Paying attention to the functions of every segment, every phase, attaching importance to every part in the course of overall competition activities.

It is necessary to stick to the spirits of practical, endurance, adhering to the chosen course in competition activities.

Strictly adhering to rules and regulations of market competition, being bold and adept in competition but opposing pernicious competition, changing outside competition into inside employee??s work driving force, stimulating their fighting will, constantly striving to become stronger, talent revealing themselves, changing the passive into the initiative.

Committing itself to achieve win-win, multiple win and joint development, not only carrying out orderly competition, but also carrying out friendly cooperation, hand in hand with companies in electricity generation industry, and to jointly promote the growing and development of energy resource industry.