Corporate operation belives

Activating resources, increasing their values


People, capital, materials, technology, management measures, and culture, brand, image, etc, which are needed in the course of company operation and development, are all precious company resources for the existing and development of company.

Every kind of resource is one of the important parts of company value chain. Company tries to activate various kinds of resource, maximally to find out potential energy of them, optimizing the layout of resources, and give into the utmost play of resources.


Adhering to the principle that cost is the superior, and Making low cost the major operation aim, intensifying total cost management and control, trying to achieve the best indexes, and the lowest cost among same kind of Chinese companies.

Whole process cost saving. Taking measures from the very beginning, planning is fortune; reasonably and effectively to avoid investment risks, saving development construction cost, saving production running cost.

High efficiency means saving, saving is profit.

Sales volumes

Maintaining intense sense of promotion, getting as much as market shares by every possible means, guarantee proper market shares, trying to raise market shares.

Committing to scale operation, multiple regional development and operation, speeding up sales volume growth.


People??s viewpoint is the largest fountainhead of tapping the latent power of saving. Adhering to the principle of equipping people??s brains with advanced belives, and improving their quality by the use of multiple modes of training, giving into a full play to people??s latent power by the use of performance assessment. Relying on the first class people to achieve first class work, and building up first class international company.

Management measures

Adhering to the principle of relying on high scientific measures, establishing advanced operation and management platform, achieving the aim of effectively organizing resources and flexibly arranging resources.


Paying special attention to the study of the macro and micro economic situations which are related with company, and having a good command of the changing rules of company resource purchasing markets and the changing of products selling markets, following market rules and regulations, making proper and steady reaction in response to market environment changing, adjusting company running activity tactics, and effectively avoiding running risks or catching up with opportunities, reducing resource cost and increasing product sales volume.

Paying special attention to capital market operation, setting for good company market image, consolidating financing capability in capital market. Strengthening information exchange with government organizations and cooperation with banks, widening channel of financing.