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Responsibility honesty innovation harmony

Company and its employees take responsibility as their personal integrity from start to finish, with complete mental and physical efforts, fully fulfills their own mission, tenet and duty. Company adheres to lawful operation, high efficient running, practically fulfils its responsibilities of serving for society and customers, returning investors with profits, being conducive to the development of employees. Employees should be energetically and strictly responsible for their work, company, customers and cooperators.

Honesty and keeping to one??s word are of great importance . Enterprise is just like a person, company and its employees firmly keep to the principle of honesty, honestly facing everyone who is benefit relevant and work relevant, keeping to one??s words, fulfilling one??s promise.

Innovation is the important guarantee to keep sustainable growing and developing for a company, is the driving force for the rapid and healthy development of a company, and is also the only way for company expanding and strengthening.

Consciousness of innovation. Consciousness of innovation and reform impetus are the inside driving forces to practice values of innovation, are the idea sources working with perseverance and endurance, boldly pursuing and exploitation.

Innovation structure. Employees?? consciousness of innovation, team innovation ability and innovation mechanism, consists of the three in one innovation structure.Company tries to create democratic, loose, comfortable and harmonious organization atmosphere, encourages employees to carry out innovation attempts based on work.

Innovation measures. Keeping on reforms in strategy, organization, human resource management, rules, culture, etc, and continually improving oneself, denying oneself, and surmounting oneself.

 Objective of innovation. working with higher efficiency, and company development with faster speed and employees with greater achievement, to promote sustainable growth.

Huadian Power International is a harmonious and unified organic system from start to finish.

On the basis of fully making use of every employee??s talent and the management functions of various levels, to achieve the sharing of information, knowledge, and other resources within enterprise with punctual and high efficiency linking up and collaboration.

Personal intelligence serves for the aim of collective, part development is in line with overall planning, to keep good mutual relationship which is characterized with mutual respect, harmonious cooperation, reason and high efficiency.

To maintain good public relationship with government organizations and that of all works of life; pay attention to the building of tactics alliance, and seek for joint development with cooperators.