Corporate believes of talent

Judging talent by performance, choosing talent through competition, payment to be made by work result


Everyone can become talent; every work position can cultivate talent.

Employees adapting to requirements of work position, fitting for one??s own position, recognizing corporate culture, being full of responsibility, and cooperation spirit and adept in learning, and being bold to innovation are talents who are needed by company.

Employees who are quicker than others in learning and bold in denying oneself and keeping on improving and innovation, creating outstanding achievements are excellent talents of company.

Employees, who are faithful to company, have wide range of knowledge, skilled in professional work, and devoting themselves to the sublimation of theory and practice, and make great contribution to company, are outstanding company talents.

Selecting and utilization

Firmly holding the principles of having both ability and moral and selecting the superior ones by competition.

Record of formal schooling is important in talent selecting, but it is not the only factor; qualification and record of service and experience are important, but they are not the all factors; real work ability, work performance and latent development capability, comprehensive qualities are most important; paying special attention to orderly promotion, but for employees who are with outstanding competence and have outstanding contribution exceptional promotion will be made.

Committing itself to the establishment of open, fair, impartial, rational talent competition and selecting mechanism, finding and selecting talents through competition, accelerating the revealing of excellent talents.

Not to have perfection demand over talents and encourage them to make more progress.

It is required to make overall planning and all-round consideration in use of employees, and arrange scientifically; it is necessary to treat equally without discrimination, using according to one??s capability; it is demanded to know how to judge and use people, and give into a full play to their capability; having flexible management, letting people be ready to accept a higher or lower post, and be able to be recruited or fired.

Cultivating and inspiriting

To build up objective, impartial and efficient talents cultivation mechanism, performance assessment management system, system of value distribution starting from the principle of performance, making various talents in the state of activation from start to finish, letting them have opportunities of getting positions or be promoted. It must be adhered to that remuneration and treatment can be raised or reduced according to employees?? performance, employees who have quality performance will be more rewarded.

To create equal development opportunities for employees, encourage them to achieve personal development through assiduous learning and fair competition, through different kinds of proper occupational development channels.