Development belives

Devoting to major business, quick and sustainable development

Major business

Company devotes itself to electricity generation and other relevant industries. Adhering to a principle that electricity generation is the core, giving priority to the development of large capacity, high efficient, environmental protection style electricity generation groups, properly developing upper reaches and downstream industries which are related with electricity industry. The development of relevant industries should be made closely related with core business, serving for corebusiness and consolidating core business.


To build up a first class modern company, large operational scale is the elementary material foundation. Company adheres to the principle of purchasing and newly building up simultaneously, development speed should be faster than other competitors.

Speed which company seeks for is that equally important for both scale and efficiency, it is the speed by which company can achieve sustainable development.

Sustainable development

It is necessary to carry out effective strategy planning and planning management onto company??s development, so as to guarantee the punctuality, flexibility and high efficiency, and effectively prevent and reduce the happening of various predicaments and risks in the course of the development of company from fountainhead.

Paying attention to short-term economic benefit, specially emphasizing the long-term development. Company is vigilant in peacetime from start to finish, carries out effective control over the risks of company development during the course of rapid development.

Tomorrow will be superior to today. Huadian Power International seeks not only for the quick expansion in development scale, but also for making itself more excellent.