Brief Introduction

Huadian Power International Corporation Limited (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (together the “Group”) are one of the largest comprehensive energy companies in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”), and primarily engaged in the construction and operation of power plants, including large-scale efficient coal- or gas-fired generating units and various hydropower projects. The Group’s power generating assets are located in 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the PRC at the prime location, mainly in the electricity and heat load centers or regions with abundant coal resources. Currently, the Group had a total of 42 controlled power plants which have commenced operations involving a total of approximately 53,413.04 MW controlled installed capacity, primarily including approximately 42,360 MW attributable to coal-fired generating units, approximately 8,589.05 MW attributable to gas-fired generating units and approximately 2,459 MW attributable to hydropower generating units, of which approximately 20.69% was from clean energy sources, such as gas-fired and hydropower.

The Company was incorporated in Jinan, Shandong Province, the PRC on 28 June 1994. On 30 June 1999, the Company issued approximately 1,431 million H shares in its initial public offering, which are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Hong Kong Stock Exchange”). On 3 February 2005, the Company issued 765 million A shares in the PRC, which are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Subsequently, on 1 December 2009, 3 July 2012 and 18 July 2014, the Company issued 750 million, 600 million and 1,150 million A shares, respectively, each through a non-public issuance in the PRC, and all such A shares are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On 30 July 2014, the Company issued approximately 286 million H shares by way of placing, and such H shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On 8 September 2015, the Company issued approximately 1,056 million A shares by way of non-public issuance, and such A shares are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On 28 September 2021, the Company issued approximately 6.8816 million A shares and 14,701,590 convertible corporate bonds by way of non-public issuance, and such A shares and convertible corporate bonds are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Currently, the Company has an issued share capital comprising 8,152,624,615 A shares and 1,717,233,600 H shares, accounting for approximately 82.60% and 17.40%, respectively, of the total issued share capital of the Company. As of 31 December 2021, the total number of employees of the Group amounted to 24,711.